Capstone Timeline of Activities AY2018/2019

Capstone Guidelines and Regulations 

Capstone e-Grading Instructions for Examiners (Thesis less than 40MB)

Capstone e-Grading Instructions for Examiners (Thesis more than 40MB)

Capstone e-Grading Instructions for HoS


Capstone Proposal

Capstone Proposal Form (Deadline: 21st Sep 2018 – Student to HoS, HoS to Registry)

Yale-NUS Intellectual Property Policy

Undergraduate Research Ethics


Capstone Funding and Claims

Capstone Funding and Claims Procedure

Capstone Funding Application Form (Deadline: 5th Oct 2018, Student to Divisional Manager)

Guidelines for submitting Capstone Funding Claims

Request for Payment (RFP) Form (Deadline; 12th Apr 2019, Student to Divisional Manager)


Capstone Final Report Submission (Deadline: 5pm, 5th Apr 2019)

Submission of Capstone Thesis Guidelines

Final Capstone Title Page (BA) 

Final Capstone Title Page (BSc)

Declaration and Consent Form


Capstone Grade Form (for Faculty use)

Semester One

End-Sem 1 Capstone Progress Form (via Canvas from 5th – 23rd Nov 2018, Completed by students)

End-Sem 1 Capstone Progress Summary (Deadline: 30th Nov 2018, HoS to Registry)

Semester Two

Capstone Thesis Assessment Form (Deadline: 18th Apr 2019 / 19th Apr 2019 (tbc), Supervisor to HoS)

Final Grade Tabulation Sheet (Deadline: 26th Apr 2019, HoS to Registry)

Outstanding Capstone Prize Nomination Form (Deadline: 26th Apr 2019, HoS to Registry)


Capstone Evaluation Survey (for reference)

End-Sem1 Student Course Evaluation

End of Year Student Course Evaluation