Week 7/Common Curriculum

Week 7


The College convened a Week 7 & Learning Across Boundaries (LAB) Review Committee in Academic Year 2017-18 to recommend potential improvements to these iconic programmes after broad consultation.


A key recommendation of the Review Committee is to better integrate Week 7 with the broader Common Curriculum (CC). The intent of the recommendation is to enhance the academic aspect of the experiential learning Week 7 provides.


To help realise this recommendation, Week 7 will be assessed as Completed Satisfactory (CS) or Completed Unsatisfactory (CU), like the rest of the Common Curriculum in Semester 1, with effect from Academic Year 2018-19. Like other parts of the Common Curriculum in Semester 1, a student who receives a CU assessment will be required to remediate Week 7. Week 7 will appear with other Common Curriculum modules in the transcript with either CS or CU, but it will not accrue any modular credit (0 MCs) and it will not affect a student’s Cumulative Average Point (CAP).


This change will only affect First Year students who join the College from Semester 1 of AY 2018-19 and in following years.


If you have any questions about this change, please contact Ms Beth Uding, Senior Manager, Experiential Learning at CIPE via this email: beth.uding@yale-nus.edu.sg