Class Rosters

Class Rosters with student photos are available from the Integrated Student Information System (SIS). Faculty and instructors can get access to the rosters of the modules they are teaching via the SIS.

Quick Start

1. Go to: 2. Log in with your NUSNETID and password 3. Navigate the menu to
“Self Service > Faculty Center > Class Roster “


Detailed Instructions

1. Go to: using your web browser.The SIS is best viewed with the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 10 and above
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari



2. Log in to the site using your NUSNETID and password.



3. Use the left menu to navigate to your schedule to select the class roster for the module you want to display.
Self Service > Faculty Center > My Schedule



4. Click on the Roster icon next to the class code to access the roster for that module.



5. In the Roster, select the option to include photos in the list.



6. Click on “View All” in the top bar to display all the students in the page.



7. Click on the minimize icon “-” to hide the left menu



8. The Class roster with photos can now be printed by using “Ctrl-A” to select all, then “Ctrl-P” to print in Windows (or “Command-P” in MacOS) or saved using “Ctrl-S” in Windows (or “Command-S” in MacOS)