Annual Review

The Annual Review process serves the following two basic purposes:

i. Assess faculty performance in the areas of teaching, research, and service in order to determine salary increases/adjustments and possible performance bonuses.

ii. Assist faculty members in improving professional development through constructive feedback from the Dean of Faculty, Divisional Director and Mentor (if applicable) and through the development of professional plans (setting goals) that meet the needs of the College and the faculty member.

The Annual Review System is open from 04 September 2017.

Annual Review System

Annual Review System User Guides

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Faculty Annual Review 2017


  1. Faculty members whose primary appointment is with Yale-NUS College will be reviewed annually with respect to their performance in the preceding academic year.
  2. For faculty members who hold joint appointments with other NUS departments or A*STAR, the College will solicit inputs from their secondary department during the annual review process.
  3. Faculty members are to provide a summary of their academic achievements (Activities Report) for the academic year under review and plans (Goals) for the following year in the electronic Annual Review Form via the Annual Review portal. In addition, faculty members are required to complete a Research Output Report which forms an essential part of the annual review.
  4. For the 2017 Annual Review exercise, the period of assessment is from 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017 (Academic Year 2016-2017). New faculty members who joined the College after 30 June 2017 will undergo a full review next year. They should nonetheless complete the goals as part of the Annual Review and discuss these goals with their respective mentor (if applicable) and their Divisional Director.
  5. Faculty members are required to submit their latest CV, peer evaluations (if available) and other supporting documents as part of their online annual review dossier. All teaching evaluations are required to be uploaded as part of the supporting documents.
  6. Faculty members may choose to obtain advice from their mentor by routing their annual review report to the mentor. This is optional, i.e. depending on whether faculty members wish to have their mentor participate in the review process. Once faculty submit their annual review report, the Divisional Directors can start providing their assessment, regardless whether the mentor has provided their input.
  7. Faculty members should complete and submit their online annual review reports to the Divisional Director by 24 September 2017.
  8. Divisional Directors will arrange for personal conversations with their respective faculty members. As part of these conversations, the Divisional Director will provide his/her assessment and share his/her comments with the faculty member. This process must be completed by 23 October 2017.
  9. Once the Divisional Directors complete their assessment, the Academic Steering Committee members will access faculty members’ reports for performance appraisal. The Academic Steering Committee will also meet with the Divisional Directors to discuss all faculty appraisals and make decisions on salary adjustment and/or performance bonus for faculty members.
  10. The Annual Review System is best viewed on Firefox or Google Chrome.


AY16/17 Annual Review Timeline
Date Activities
Sept 4th – Sept 24th (3 weeks) Faculty complete and submit self-appraisal report and supporting documents via the online portal. If Faculty choose the option of sending their reports to their Mentor, this and any revision of reports should be completed during this 3 -week period
Sept 25th – Oct 23rd (4 weeks) Divisional Directors meet with individual faculty and complete their assessments.
Oct 24th – Nov 10th (3 weeks) Academic Steering Committee review final reports.
Nov 10th – Nov 17th (1 week) Discussions by Academic Steering Committee with Divisional Directors.
Dec 2017 – Jan 2018 Dean of Faculty/ Divisional Director meets individual faculty to discuss performance review and goals.
By mid Jan 2018 Faculty will receive their letters on salary adjustment and performance bonus (if applicable).

Documents Required

  • Latest CV (mandatory)
  • All course evaluations for AY16/17 which can be accessed via the provided link to the Campus Labs portal
  • Any other relevant documents