Leave Policy and Forms

College provides faculty with generous time away from work options, including paid vacation and medical leave as well as leave for academic and administrative purposes and leaves. Leave must be approved and recorded in a timely manner that protects the interests of both the College and individual faculty.

Your annual leave entitlement will be credited on 1 Jan 2016.

Vacation Leave

Vacation Leave Eligibility

  1. Faculty are entitled to 28 days of vacation leave in a calendar year, granted on a full-day basis.
  2. Vacation leave not utilised in the year of entitlement may be carried forward to the next calendar year, provided that vacation leave carried forward does not exceed 42 days.
  3.  For faculty who do not serve one full year of service, their vacation leave eligibility will be pro-rated accordingly.
  4. Only working days will be counted towards the faculty vacation leave eligibility.
  5. Faculty are not allowed to take up an appointment in another organisation while on vacation leave.
  6. Any vacation leave not utilised prior to the faculty leaving the service of the Collge shall lapse and there shall be no payment of salary in lieu thereof. In addition, any vacation leave carried forward from one calendar year to the next shall lapse upon notice of resignation and shall not be utilised during the period of notice of resignation.


Application for vacation leave is to be submitted through eServices in staff portal for approval.

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Overview/ Cancellation

Please click here view or cancel your vacation leave.

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Medical Leave

Medical Leave Eligibility

1. Faculty are eligible for a maximum of 60 days medical leave (including hospitalisation) per calendar year.
2.Only working days covered by medical certificates will be recorded as medical leave.


Faculty should notify their Divisional Director of their absences due to medical leave and follow up with submission of the medical certificates upon returning to work.

Submission of Medical Claim

Details on claim submission can be found here.

Academic Leave

Academic Leave Eligibility

1. Faculty may apply for up 90 days of academic leave per calendar year. Academic leave is pro-rated according to the total days of resident service in the calendar year. Beyond the 90-day limit, vacation leave will have to be used instead.
2. Faculty may apply for academic leave to participate in the following activities:
a) Conference/Seminar/Workshop
i) Academic conferences and seminars
ii) Meetings of editorial boards and conference committees
b) Research/Fieldwork/Short Course/Visiting Committee
i) Research and fieldwork
ii) Attending short courses of study not leading to formal qualification
iii) Serving as a member of a visiting committee or as an external examiner at other institutions
3. For more information on academic leave, please click here.


Application of leave for academic purposes is submitted through eServices via TRAC for approval.

Administrative Leave

Administrative Leave Eligibility

1. Faculty may apply for administrative leave to participate in the following activities:
a) Representing the University as a member of a working group/committee of an international organisation;
b) Undertaking recruitment or business trips; or
c) Representing the University to discuss University-level research collaborations.
2. For more information on administrative leave, please click here.


Application of leave for administrative purposes is submitted through eServices via TRAC for approval.

Sabbatical/ Study Leave

Sabbatical Leave Eligibility

1. Only faculty members on tenure contracts may apply for sabbatical leave. A minimum of three (3) years’ residence service as a tenured faculty is required.
2. A newly appointed faculty member given a tenure contract on appointment may therefore apply for sabbatical leave only after he has served three (3) years of resident service.
3. On being granted tenure, the faculty member may apply for sabbatical leave for a period of up to five (5) months if he has not had a study leave in the previous three years. However, if he has served a minimum of six (6) years’ residence service as a tenurable faculty member without study leave prior to and following tenure, he is eligible for up to 10 months’ sabbatical leave.
4. Thereafter, he is eligible for sabbatical leave of up to five (5) months if three (3) years have lapsed since his last sabbatical leave, and up to 10 months after a lapse of six (6) years from his last sabbatical leave.

Study Leave Eligibility

1. Tenure-track faculty shall be eligible for up to five (5) months paid study leave during untenured service, at a time to be mutually agreed upon, usually after a minimum resident service of two years. In


Please click to download the Sabbatical/ Study Leave Form

Marriage Leave

Marriage Leave Eligibility

Full-pay marriage leave for three (3) consecutive days may be granted on the occasion of the faculty member’s first marriage if the faculty member takes the leave within one year from the date of solemnisation of his/her marriage. This leave is granted on a full day basis.


Please send HR (faculty.hr@yale-nus.edu.sg) an email approval from your Divisional Director.

Maternity Leave

Maternity Leave Eligibility

A faculty member will qualify for 16 weeks’ leave for her confinement, subject to having completed at least three (3) months of service with the University prior to the date of confinement.

  1. The first eight (8) weeks of maternity leave will be paid leave.
  2. According to Singapore government policy, the government will provide reimbursement for eight (8) weeks of maternity leave beyond the first eight (8) weeks for the first two confinements and 16 weeks of maternity leave for subsequent confinements if:
    • the child is granted Singapore Citizenship at the time of birth; and
    • the female faculty member is legally married iii. A female faculty member who does not meet these requirements may apply for eight (8) weeks of leave (beyond the first 8 weeks) as vacation and/or no-pay leave for confinement purposes.


  1. Please click to download the maternity leave form (Yale-NUS HR 022F)
  2. Faculty who are eligible for the extended eight (8) weeks of paid maternity leave should submit a copy of the birth certificate to the department within one (1) month from the date of birth of the child and complete the following for submission to the College Finance and copied to College Human Resources (Faculty):
  3. (a) Maternity Leave Reimbursement Form (MLRF) within 10 weeks from the end date of the full maternity leave.
    (b)  Declaration form GPML1 within 1 month from the date of birth of the child;

  4. A faculty member who chooses to share 1 week of maternity leave with her spouse is required to register the     sharing of leave via the Shared Parental leave Allocation System (SPLAS) with her SingPass. Faculty members who do not have a SingPass may request for a hardcopy form (SPLAS form) from CPF Board.