Grade submission timeline and instructions

Semester 1, AY2017/2018

Grade submission instructionsIMMS Grade Submission – User Guide

Grade Submission Deadlines: Final grades are to be submitted to Registry by the following deadlines:


Type Of Modules Grade Submission Deadline
 Yale-NUS 2MC modules (first half of semester)  Friday 06 October 2017 (End of Instructional Week 7)
Yale-NUS 2MC modules (second half of semester) Monday 11 December 2017
Yale-NUS 5MC modules (full semester) Monday 11 December 2017
Yale-NUS Common Curriculum modules Monday 11 December 2017
Yale-NUS Independent Reading and Research modules Monday 11 December 2017
Yale-NUS Capstone Project Modules(Capstone Forms)* Friday 01 December 2017

*The relevant Capstone Form documents can be retrieved from the Faculty Portal–>Academic Matters–>Capstone.

Please also note the following directions for Grade Submission:

Integrated Marks Management System (IMMS)

  • All grades must be submitted via the Integrated Marks Management System (IMMS).
    • You may access IMMS via the Staff Portal: using your Yale-NUS NUSNET ID and password. For Faculty with joint appointments, please let us know if you wish to tag an alternative NUS ID to the system instead of the Yale-NUS ID.
    • If grades submission is done away from campus, please login to before logging in to IMMS.
    • Note:
      • Staff Portal is accessible on Internet Explorer (IE) and Chrome browsers, but not Firefox browser.
      • Should you be unable to login to IMMS, please check for the following:
        • Make sure 2FA enrollment is done correctly at VIP self-service portal:
        • Make sure password is not overly complicated, especially without special characters.

Verification of access to IMMS

  • You are advised to log in to IMMS upon receiving Yale-NUS Registry’s email to check your access and to ensure that the modules have been correctly assigned to you.
  • For group teachings, only the main coordinator will be assigned with access to upload the final grades. The main coordinator will liaise with the team and upload the final grades on behalf of the team.
  • Registry will contact you separately if you belong to one of the categories below:
    • You are teaching a Common Curriculum module.
    • You are teaching an Independent Reading and Research module
    • You are teaching a Directed Language Study module.
    • You are a visiting faculty without Yale-NUS ID.
    • You are the HOS/HOS Designee in charge of submitting the final grades in IMMS.
  • Please contact Ketty LI ( or Hui Yuan WONG ( by Friday 17 November 2017 if you encounter any difficulties accessing IMMS or if you are unable to view the modules you are teaching. Otherwise, we will assume you have no issues with IMMS.

Submission of Grades

  • Assigned module coordinators may start keying in your grades once access to IMMS has been verified and the final grades are ready for submission. GRADES ARE NOT TO BE SUBMITTED VIA EMAIL UNLESS INSTRUCTED BY YALE-NUS REGISTRY.
  • The range of permissible grades is either
    • “A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, D+, D and F” or
    • “CS (Completed Satisfactorily)/ CU (Completed Unsatisfactorily)” (applicable to Year 1 Common curriculum modules, Independent Reading and Research modules, YHU3244, YSC2219 and YSC4200)
  • Please refer to the IMMS User guide for further instructions on how to enter the grades in IMMS.
  • If you have completed the upload but did not receive any system auto-generated email confirming your upload, please contact Ketty LI.
  • Once you have successfully uploaded your grades, your access right to the module will be revoked.

Special Consideration cases

  • Should a student fall in any of the categories below, please email Ketty LI ( from Registry by Monday, 11 December 2017 such that an In-Progress (IP) grade can be submitted in the Special Consideration system:
    • Student has a Vice Rector note granting him/her with a deadline extension for assignment submission.
    • Student has received a D/D+ grade for a Common Curriculum module and require remediation.
    • Student pending investigation of academic integrity issues.
  • Deadline for final grade submission for students on Special Consideration:
    • Student with a Vice Rector note: by Friday 26 January 2018 (Week 2, Semester 2 AY2017/2018) or earlier.
    • Student requiring Common Curriculum remediation: by Friday 26 January 2018 (Week 2, Semester 2 AY2017/2018) or earlier.
      • Plans for Common Curriculum Remediation have to be put in place by Monday, 11 December 2017.
    • Student pending investigation of academic integrity issues: Friday 02 March 2018 (Recess Week, Semester 1 AY2017/2018) or earlier.

 Amendments to grades after submission to Registry

  • Please contact Ketty LI from Registry Department at immediately to request release of access to the system if you discover any errors in your submission and require rectification.
  • However, please note that Registry’s access will be revoked after the grades are uploaded to the central database for publication. Any corrections after this point must be approved by the Chairman of the Academic Committee and submitted to Registry for rectification using the appropriate Amend Incorrect Result Form obtainable from Registry.
  • All updates in IMMS are logged to provide audit trails. Please check through your entries and ensure there are no mistakes before uploading your submission.

Assistance with grades submission

If assistance is needed, please bring your laptop and/or the 2-FA Device for us to assist you with the issues encountered.

Please do not hesitate to contact Ketty LI at for assistance if you encounter any problems with IMMS.