Vice Rector’s Note

Role of the Vice Rector (VR)

The role of the Vice Rector (VR) is to support student development by strengthening the personal and academic well-being of individual students in their residential college through student care and student advising.


When does Faculty get in touch with the VR?

When student needs counseling or other types of support.

When student does not want to participate in teamwork, is disengaged in class, always alienating oneself etc.

When the student has been identified to be at risk of failing (poor/irregular attendance, non-submission of work). Speak with the student and then inform the student’s VR.


When Faculty alerts VR of a student:

VR would meet with the student. The student may require further care by a mental health professional or a doctor. VR would refer the student to these resources.

If student needs peer tutoring or writing support, they will be referred to CTL or writer’s centre or library resources.

DF (Dean’s Fellow) will also provide regular check-ins on the student to ensure that the student gets the appropriate care and support needed.


Vice Rector’s Notes (VRN)

The concept of VR notes is derived from the Yale University model and it covers absences from classes as well as push back the deadlines for assignments without grade penalties. The criteria to receive a VR note are:

  1. Death in the Family
  2. Observance of Religious Holidays
  3. Illness (Physical or Mental)
  4. Comparable Emergency (eg: a family emergency)

Exceptional circumstances such as the ones outlined above are those for which it is generally not possible to plan.

For criteria no 3, the student would also be referred to seek medical treatment and/or therapy.

A student who receives a Medical Certificate (MC) from a doctor or psychiatrist does not need a VR note as the MC functions just like a VR note.

A student who requires more than two weeks of VR notes will be counseled to take a Leave of Absence.


Vice Rectors’ notes do not apply to extra-curricular activities. A VRN will not be given for:

  1. Interviews (e.g. for jobs/scholarships/internships)
  2. Participation in competitions, conferences, etc.
  3. Computer crashes
  4. Common colds or the flu
  5. Travelling to attend social events (e.g. weddings)
  6. Extracurricular activities (e.g. sports training, performance rehearsals)

For these situations (1 – 6) the student will have to seek the direct approval of the Faculty.


When a VR note is given

Faculty will be informed via an email that a VR note has been approved for the student.

Faculty will arrange and notify the student on the new deadline for the submission of work/assignment.


Locating a Student’s RC affiliation

Go to the student directory via this link and key in your student’s name.


When Faculty is worried about the immediate health or safety of a student, please call:


Cendana College

Office hours (Mon-Fri) call: 6601 3661

Evenings (from 6pm) and weekends call: 9338 3452


Elm College

Office hours (Mon-Fri) call: 6601 3930

Evenings (from 6pm) and weekends call: 9338 3449


Saga College

Office hours (Mon-Fri) call: 6601 3931

Evenings (from 6pm) and weekends call: 9338 3440


VRs email contact:

Janelle Rahyns-VR Cendana College (

Chew Suyin – Sr. VR Elm College (

Paul Gallagher- VR Saga College (