Air Travel Policies and Procedures

Yale-NUS staff now have more options for purchasing airline tickets.  PriceBreaker remains our official appointed travel agent, with access to negotiated corporate fares, but now purchasing through other channels will be easier.


Effective immediately, air tickets may be purchased from any travel agent or online travel portals without a fare comparison with PriceBreaker under the following circumstances:

  • Flights on Budget Airlines
  • Flights originating from overseas
  • Travel as part of a delegation where arrangements are done by another travel agent


In addition, for roundtrip tickets originating from Singapore, tickets can be purchased from any travel agent or online travel portals without a fare comparison for over 100 destinations.  The College will reimburse either:

  • The Actual airfare or
  • The average fare published on the travel website of the staff portal, whichever is lower


Average fare prices will be reviewed every 6 months.  (Current published price list attached).  For destinations not included in the list and trips with multiple destinations, staff may still purchase from any travel agent or online travel portals but must obtain a fare comparison from PriceBreaker on the same airline and route to support the claim for reimbursement.  The College will reimburse the actual fare or quote from PriceBreaker, whichever is lower.  You may wish to refer to the flowchart below and FAQs for more information on the revised travel policy.

This change in policy will provide more flexibility and streamline the process for purchasing airline tickets.  This revised policy supersedes previous policies and may not yet be reflected in NUS online training tools.


Please feel free to contact the finance colleague working with your department or Adeline if you need clarifications.